Sintea SMART strongly interacts with European high-tech industries particularly focused in the fields of medical technology, robotics and bio-sensing. Among the others:

Sintea PLUSTEK srl (Italy)

joint development of med-tech systems.
Orthopaedics and neurosurgery endoprosthes, external fixators, bio-mimetic implantable devices, smart instruments.
Application of innovative technologies and smart materials (SMA).

CELM snc (Italy)

exploitation of the optical fiber technology for measurement and data acquisition in the field of bio-engineering and robotics.
Design and assessment of FO sensorized devices, instruments and systems for the med-tech application.

Globotics Industries sa (Switzerland)

studies and analyses to apply FO sensing technology to robotics for the development of surgical navigators, intra-operatory guidance systems and surgical robot.
Implementation of composite and smart materials.