Sintea SMART claims well-assessed scientific co-operations with European universities, within the frame of national and international joint research projects.

SUPSI - Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana

aimed to exploit R&D results in mechatronic and laser processing to demonstrate a novel machine producing at unprecedent throughput and efficiency, with certified quality, net-shape complex products for medtech application.
BOREALIS project

Politecnico di Milano

joint undertaking leading to the assessment of a new class of smart sensorized surgical instruments for orthopaedic and neurology, able to reduce surgery duration and risk, by increasing surgeons' confidence.
MACH project

Cranfield University

co-operation having the objective to develop new industrial processes, based on nanotechnology approaches, providing osteo-inductive and anti-bacterial properties to the surface of orthopaedic endo-prostheses.
NANOSYS project